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Whilst the majority of our basket is sourced from South Africa, our global procurement offices and vast supplier network enable us to deliver a year round supply of top quality perishable goods at competitive prices to our clients. We source the best quality fruits and vegetables from leading growers in different regions, thus “out-of-season fruits & vegetables” will never be a problem. Our aim is to build long term, sustainable relationships with suppliers and receivers across the globe to ensure mutual development and growth as well as sustainable returns for all parties.



Established in 1943 with a focus on African supply, Kallos Exporters rapidly expanded across the globe and is now one of the major role players in the supply of a vast basket of perishable goods. Kallos Exporters has grown exponentially over the years, and consists of 24 committed and focused professionals with over 200 years’ collective experience in the fresh produce industry, ensuring that only the best quality and service is delivered.



Kallos has a dedicated, focused and committed logistics team that ensures professional and timeous deliveries are made, no matter what the final destination may be. The majority of our exports go to the critical markets in Africa, but we also distribute extensively to Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, Middle & Near East as well as selected Far East destinations and Canada. Furthermore, Kallos Exporters is the single largest exporter to the Indian Ocean Islands, as well as the leading exporter of South African fruit to the African continent.


Ethics & Principles

At Kallos Exporters, we pride ourselves in conforming and adhering to the highest standard of ethics and principles pertaining to our approach to trading and relationship building.

Our Markets

What distinguishes us?


and Transparency

In addition to our 6 seasoned traders, and as part of our global reach initiative, Kallos has four Senior traders who are fluent in French, ensuring that no language barrier exists that may inhibit the process of procurement, distribution and supply in any dominantly French speaking market. Additional languages are Afrikaans, Spanish, and Portuguese, which further widens our reach and makes communication easy for any Supplier or Receiver internationally.


Currently we specialize in both Fruit and Vegetables, namely: Pome (Apples and Pears), Stone (Peaches, Nectarines, Plums and Apricots), Grapes, Citrus and Kiwi. Vegetables: Potatoes, Onions, Carrots, Garlic as well as many other leafy vegetables, sourced both domestically and globally from many international regions such as Spain, France, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Peru, and Chile. 

Furthermore, to complement our basket and to service the requirements and needs of our existing shelf space within the critical markets that we supply, we also offer wines, spirits, fruit juices and concentrates, as well as other essential commodities as demanded by continuous shifts and market trends within our footprint.


Quality & Freshness –
Maintaining the Cold Chain

To ensure quality of our products, Kallos employs strict protocols to ensure only the best quality is delivered, upholding the standards of our procurement process. Maintaining the cold chain is paramount, and extensive investments have been made erecting cold rooms within our critical markets throughout Africa to ensure the product is distributed and stored correctly at optimum temperatures. We make use of several offices around the globe to ensure all produce get inspected before being shipped to any of our Receivers.

Commitment to Clients
and Suppliers

Kallos prides itself on establishing and maintaining long term relationships with both Receivers and Growers/Suppliers. We are privileged to be part of the marketing and supply chain that spans over three generations on both the Supply and Receiver base, which we view as paramount pertaining to the success and sustainability of our operation. Our third generation Receiver base dates back to the early 1950’s, based on both the African continent and the Indian Ocean Islands.


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Kallos Exporters Pty Ltd was founded in 1943 by Etienne Kallos. The entity was established to export, both dry goods and perishables into various destinations in Africa, with the primary objective of supplying the South African and Greek embassies.

On the retirement of Etienne Kallos, his son Achilles Kallos took over the company in the Mid Sixties and at the age of 70 in 2000, sold the company to the current stakeholders.

Kallos Exporters takes pride in having been in the trade industry since 1943, with a deep reach into Africa’s markets.

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South Africa Office:

PO Box 3998 Tygervalley 7356
Simeka House, The Vineyard Office Estate
99 Jip De Jager, Durbanville, Cape Town
tel:+27 21 912 1500
Email: logistics-marketing@kallos.co.za

France Office:

Marche D’Interet National Min 31
15 Avenue Pierre Grand, 84953 Cavaillon
tel:+33 4 90 06 20 12
Email: logistics-marketing@kallos.co.za